Best Nursing Schools in Florida

Rapid advancements in science and technology have led to many advantages for human race including health and well-being of humans. The history of nursing dates back to the existence of human history. Nursing schools acquire a very important position because it produces the man-power which could be utilized in future for the betterment of humanity.

The Sunshine State:

The need of health care professionals specifically nurses is  extremely high in Florida which causes a large number of nursing schools to open and provide the required education and training to the students of nursing. With an never-ending demand for nurses in various medical and health sector of the state, the number of nursing schools has reached more than 160plus.Thousands of students are getting the required training and qualification to serve in various hospitals across the state. To meet the demand of skilled nurses, prestigious institutions like Atlantic technical center, Florida State University, Edison College and many more are working and polish their nursing students with the best possible research and medical advancements happening currently in the discipline.

Scope of Nursing in Florida:

The trend of nursing schools in Florida is ever-growing and ever-expanding because of two reasons, first it is already populated with local nationals and second the sunshine state attracts a lot of tourists from world-wide so a constant increase in the demand of health care professionals is evident to meet the health care needs of the people. The largest need for nurses’ lies in Florida’s all major health centers including
Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami and Orlando.

Trends of Nursing in Florida:

Unlike any other discipline, the field of nursing faces a lot of challenges and is in constant state of self- development. The latest trends in nursing are concluded in the points mention below:
1. To begin with this discipline lacks to identify a proper educational requirement to enter in this particular discipline. There should be a more scholarly direction has to be given to the future nurses or students of nursing.
2. The curriculum and research work of this discipline must be up-to-date with the recent and current advancements of medical science and to meet the challenges of ever-changing life style of humans.
3. Since now the world has been transformed into a global village and even in Florida as well there are patients who belong to different   cultural and ethnic background, nurses should be educated in different cultural backgrounds and to train to attend the diversity.
4. In the past, most of the nursing professional were elderly ladies and younger women did not prefer to work in this discipline but currently the trend has been changed and a number of young women can be seen in the profession.
5. There was a time when nursing was regarded as an under-paid profession and most individual did not considered it as a full time profession but currently it is regarded as one of most handsomely paid professions in United States of America.
6. Despite of a definite career path and good salaries, this discipline of nursing is facing a severe kind of shortage in terms of good professionals who are well-aware of the specifications of their specific fields.

Florida Board of Nursing:

There is a governing body by the name of Florida board of Nursing which monitors, examines, puts a check and balance on the professionalism and work ethics of nurses working in the state of Florida. It also issues licenses to nurses and renews them for the members of the discipline. It also caters to the complains and problems faced by any patients due to the negligence and failure of the nurses which if proved could lead to severe punishments like reprimand, fine, restriction of practice, remedial education, administrative cost, probation, license suspension or could lead to license revocation. But its one of the most important function is to prohibit the practice of those unprofessional nurses who pose a threat to the health of people and stop them from practicing.

Best Nursing Schools in Florida

Top Ranked Nursing Schools In Florida:

The state of Florida offers One of the most competitive and professional qualification in the discipline of nursing. There are more than 160 nursing schools which are providing the training and education of nursing across Florida, the names of some of the most prestigious ones are listed below:
1. University of Florida ,Gainesville ,Florida
2. Indian River State College Fort Pierce, Florida
3. University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida
4. University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida
5. Florida Gulf Coast University
6. Florida State University
7. University of South Florida
8. University of west Florida

Online Nursing Schools in Florida:

In addition to the conventional method of teaching and training, there is another alternative available for students to learn and for the qualified professionals to further enhance and polished their skills in their respective field. A very well organized system of online education is operating which offers a very flexible program for both the students and professional. An example of this is Florida National University, where students can enroll and get the certification or degree of their interest.

Florida Nurses Association:

Formed for the betterment and prosperity of nurses, Florida Nurses Association is representing nurses for more than a century now. Its core duty is to help and solve problems which are faced by the professional nurses and to retain a feeling of family and unity among the nursing community of Florida.

Future of Nursing as a profession in Florida:

The future of nursing is very sunny and bright in the sunshine state of Florida. Having a densely populated state with the locals and a never ending love from the tourist community from around the world, Florida have an excellent career path and scope for healthcare professional including nurses, providing them with limitless opportunity for career growth and success.

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