Surah Yaseen for birth of baby boy

You can ask Allah for a baby boy or a baby girl and we have to be grateful to Allah that He has given the best tools to make our wishes come true. Surah Yaseen can be used to get a baby boy.
Method: (Please practice this 40-day method when you are into the third month of your pregnancy)
Step 1: Wait till the 20th day of the third month (of pregnancy)
Step 2: Choose any time of the day and recite Surah Yaseen seven times, with Darood Shareef recitation at the start and end. (Like read darood e Ibrahimi eleven times, then read Surah Yaseen seven times. To conclude, recite darood e Ibrheemi another eleven times)
Step 3: Keep a glass of water with you. When finished reciting, blow on water and drink.
Continue this method (wazifa) for 40 days. The forty days will complete at the end of 4th month.
This wazifa was shared by a woman to Ubqari and she says it has been used by many people and they are all happy for the result Alhamdulullah. Good luck and remember us in your prayers. 
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