Best Nursing Schools in Georgia

Nursing school is conventionally an educational business that foreshadows the proliferating requirements of nurses by providing them adequate academic credentials and recognition. Globally, the apparent exponential growth of nursing and health industry with escalating exigencies of human needs, has been observed in order to expand the industry conforming to its desiderata. 
Nursing schools, in general, offer various degrees pertaining to the field of nursing and health care staff, for instance:
1. Diploma in nursing
2. Associate of science in nursing
3. Bachelor of science in nursing
4. Doctor of philosophy in nursing
5. Master of science in nursing
6. Doctor of nursing practice.
The list of the proposed degrees is proffered by majority of the nursing schools worldwide. 

Scope of Nursing in Georgia

Georgia is said to be the most beautiful place to live, which is why it is denoted as "the peach state" and is the 9th largest overpopulated states. As a matter of fact, it is quite obvious that all of the densely populated areas require a plenitude of health care resources, therefore this clearly exhibits the scope of nursing schools in Georgia. 
Georgia holds a strong economic background, further it invests an enormous portion of its economy in the health sector. Concerning this matter, the health care industry of Georgia is well matured enough but one cannot deny the quantitative analysis of the increasing population of Georgia, the availability of health care service is yet an imperative concern of the legislative bodies, therefore, government is contriving a monetary plan in order to regulate the expedients. 

Existing Nursing schools in Georgia
 Fortunately, Georgia is one of the states that propose significantly high number of well-established nursing institutes that are playing a vital role in contribution of providing highly qualified nurses in order to serve the humanity. Subsequently, the total number of nursing colleges and universities is 69, collectively, 69 institutes are offering undergraduate or diploma programs, whereas there are 19 institutes offering postgraduate programs related to the field of nursing and health care. In total, almost 80% of the government yet private nursing schools offer a great opportunity to procure nursing degrees.

Georgia Board of Nursing

Georgia board of nursing has officially declared the minimal standards acceptable to prevail the nursing profession. Owing to this fact, the board is responsible to verify the standards of all the nursing program and practices. Moreover, the board also monitors, verifies and keeps a strict check over the unacceptable or inadequate nursing practices conducted in healthcare centers or hospitals, which can lead to confiscation of the registered licenses of the nursing schools by violating or dodging the rules and regulations set up by the board.

Georgia Nursing Association

This association was founded more than a century ago. Today, Georgia nursing association is set up on the basis of ensuring the rights and insurance of nurses. The association is responsible to facilitate and provide the appropriate amenities to the nurses who are working in different medical health centers, clinics or hospitals. The association ponders over the issues of providing an exemplary platform to the nursing schools for empowerment of nursing profession; as it aims to grant a concrete educational foundation by best means.

Contribution of Georgian Government

Previously, it was reported that the government of Georgia was facing issues in expanding the budget for nursing schools as the financial constraints shrank the monetary resources. Besides, under such circumstances, devising a budget was proved to be a crucial task. However, various firms and organizations comprehended the need of augmenting financial resources for the nursing schools, which made it accessible to manage the requirements. Eventually, the district also realized the uprising need of economy to be invested in nursing schools, which is why they increased their budget up to $4,597,218.

Employment in nursing schools

Back then in 2013, many citizens who were willing to enroll in the teaching course program or interested to practice it, were not able to get admissions for acquiring doctorate degrees, due to which there were not enough competent individuals who could teach or instruct in the nursing schools. Hence, the consequences were that the employment rate increased up to 58.9% between the years 2015-2016, resulting in paving a way for the individuals to get a job easily in a nursing school for the post of a teacher or instructor.

Top Nursing Schools in Georgia

Ratio of Educated Nursing Personnel at a Glance

In fall 2015, a survey was conducted to grasp an insight into the availability of graduate and Baccalaureate nurses throughout the state. In total, cumulative ratio of all programs was calculated as 12,669 nurses who were available to serve patients, which included all the categories for example, clinical nurses, anesthetists’ nurses, practicing nurses, nurses as mid-wives and students. Fact is that the nursing schools have provided a redundant nursing structure to the state of Georgia.

Top nursing schools in Georgia

Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, the Georgia Board of Nursing and the accrediting agency for nursing schools manage to facilitate the interested students by constructing the nursing schools with the strong background of retaining the necessary perspectives of teaching. Following are the top most nursing schools in Georgia:
i. Georgia State University: Georgia State University manages to render the bachelors, masters, post-masters, PhD, and MS degree of nursing. It also offers a fast paced curriculum known as "Achieving the Curriculum Expeditiously".
ii. Emory University: This University is honored to subsidize the second grade students with the bachelors and degree.
iii. Medical college of Georgia: The University along with providing the bachelors and master’s degree, it also offers nursing practice of doctorate level.
iv. University of west Georgia: This University is privileged in providing a part time bachelor nursing program along with regular bachelors, masters and registered nursing courses.
v. Georgia Southern University: It offers licensed practical nurse program along with PhD of nursing practice degree.

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