Friday, June 24, 2016

Surah Maun benefits (fazilat)

Surah Maun benefits (fazilat) and virtues have been shared for you here. I am not going to talk about the benefits related to worldly needs and wants (as they are obvious and you must have known them) on purpose as Surah Maun is the best for protection against enemies.
Benefit (fazilat):
* If Surah Maun is recited 1100 times for 40 days straight, it will make the enemy of your faith and troublemakers disappear.
Surah Maun benefits fazilat in Urdu
Surah Maun Urdu explanation
Enmity, business rivalry, jealousy among people working for the same cause is common and we often face these things in a day to day life, but sometimes you come under on a spiritual battleground, i.e. your faith is put to test. Surah Maun is the best weapon to help you stay out of trouble as you will let yourself drop into Allah's hands and attract His mercy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing This Surah. I was finding Surah Maun for blog as well. This will make easy for me.