Surah Feel benefits and importance (fazilat)

There are several benefits and advantages of Surah Feel and now is a time you should pay attention to it in order to gain strength in this world and a reward in Akhirah for having full faith in Almighty Allah.
Benefits and importance:
* Protection from harmful creatures, things, persons when recited 313 times after every Isha prayer (namaz/salah) for 40 days straight.
* Diseases and health problems of all kinds, like Sugar and blood pressure, can be cured.
Surah Feel benefits (fazilat) advantages and virtues
Surah Feel Urdu
In addition to the benefits and advantages mentioned above, Surah Feel is the best solution to defeating an enemy. Once again, I will clear this up. Don't use this Surah out of anger and ego as you might hurt someone who doesn't deserve your curses. People are using it negatively in countries like Pakistan and India. I will cover a detailed post with evidences how some evil minded using Quran verses to please their ego.

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