Saturday, July 2, 2016

Surah Al Kausar (Kauthar) benefits and fazilat

Surah Al Kausar is the shortest Surah of Holy Quran and there are many benefits of reciting it. For those of you wanting to make the most out of Quran verses, they must pay attention to these the benefits of this Surah mentioned below:
1. A reciter can see Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in their dream if recited every Friday for eleven weeks.
2. Protection of newborn child as well as pregnancy.
Benefits of Surah Al Kausar Fazilat 

Another key benefit of reciting Surah Kausar (Al Kauthar) is abundance of wealth and money from sources we have no idea about as Allah will solve your money (rizq) problems Inshaallah if you commit to reciting the Surah once every day. A Hadith's interpretation: Allah will let the reciter of Surah Kausar (Kawthar) drink water of Hoz e Kausar (Subhanallah).


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