Friday, June 24, 2016

Surah Al Humazah benefits and fazilat

Asslamoalaikum brothers and sisters. Today I am going to share the benefits of reciting Surah Al Humazah. Every Surah of Quran has sea of unlimited wisdom and knowledge and it is our responsibility to dwell on what is commanded by Allah.
Benefits (fazilat):
* Surah Al Humaza is best for protection from cruel enemy and its harm. Whenever you feel the need, recite this Surah eleven times.
* Fear of Allah grows if recited and pondered on regularly.
Surah Al Humazah benefits fazilat

Surah Al Humazah Urdu
Admit it or not, we are living in a society that has no dearth of jealous souls and most of the times, these disgruntled persons take their jealousy to the next level, i.e. enmity. Since Quran is a book of complete guidance for us, each word in it has an impact if pondered on with faith.

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