Surah Sajdah wazifa for patients of sugar, cancer, and heart diseases

Surah Sajdah wazifa for patients with serious health problems like Sugar, cancer and heart diseases. This is a very powerful remedy to cure all kinds of health problems and I have seen its benefits. If  you know someone who needs to be cured, apply this wazifa with full faith. The patient will be cured Inshallah.
Chronic health problems like cancer, sugar, kidney and heart diseases should be cured without wasting any time and if you are already going to a consultant, you can still apply this wazifa/dua as being Muslim we must put our trust in Allah at all costs.
Method: Recite Surah Sajdah three times. Blow on water and ask the patient to drink it. 
Surah Sajdah wazifa for patients of cancer, sugar and heart disease problems
This wazifa has been recommended to dozens of people and they are all grateful to Allah for giving cure to their relatives and patients.
Under category: Islamic Quranic wazifa for cancer, sugar and heart diseases. 
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