Top 10 RN To BSN Programs You Should Consider

In this blog post, we are going to discuss the best and top notch rn to bsn programs in the country that will boost your career as a registered nurse. These programs are open for both men and women. These top 10 programs can be for you if you have already become a registered nurse through any associate’s program or course.

John Hopkins University

Considered as one of the best medical universities across the world, not just in the nation, it offers an array of undergraduate and graduate degree programs for aspiring nurses. The university offers top notch rn to bsn program that will add great value to your career path.  On a financial side, it will cost you approximately $63, 135 for the entire program. Tuition fee is slated to around $45, 470.  The university enjoys the staggering 91% graduation rate and is accredited with NLNAC and CCNE.

University of Rochester

If you want to study on a budget then this university may not be the best for you. It has a high tuition fee of around $45,372 out of entire $62, 333 spending. However, the university does offer well-earned degree programs.  It enjoys 85% graduation rate and is accredited with NLNAC and CCNE.

Allen College

Based in Waterloo, the college does offer decent rn to bsn programs. With only a handful enrolled students, it is highly likely that you will get the best hands-on training while studying here.  On a financial side, it is cheap compared to top 2. The annual costs are $29,943 with almost $18,829 spent in tuition.  The graduation rate (84%) for such affordable fee is enviable indeed.  The college is accredited with CCNE.

Top 10 RN to BSN Programs In USA

Lakeview College of Nursing

Ranked as one of the best nursing college in the nation, the school does offer a variety of nursing and rn to bsn programs.  If you get enrolled in the college, you will need to pay $18, 553. The tuition fee estimate is around $14,720. Accredited with NLNAC and CCNE, the college has a cool 86% graduation rate.

Samford University

Based in Birmingham, the university has a wide range of  nursing programs designed to lift your rn or bsn nurse status. It will cost you around $39,533 in annual fee. Estimate $26,328 represent tuition fee. If you reside in Alabama, this college can be a good choice for you. Accredited with CCNE, the university enjoys 71% graduation rate.

University of Delaware

The University of Delaware is another good option for you if you want a cost-effective and equally well-recognized nursing degree. You will pay around $27,747 in annual fee and $12,112 in tuition.  However, the out-of-state students pay a little more: $29, 932 in annual fee.  Accredited with NLNAC and CCNE, the university has laudable graduation rate of %82.

Endicott College

The college offers a well-recognized RN to BSN program which will cost you whopping $46,223 in annual fee and $28,926 in tuition.  Accredited with NLNAC, the college has a graduation rate of 72%.

San Diego State University:

The state university does not have an impressive graduation rate (%66) but it is quite an affordable college to study at. The annual and tuition fee is $25,013 and $17, 926 respectively.  It is accredited with CCNE.

George Fox University

Accredited with CCNE, this is perhaps the most under-estimated nursing school in the country. However, it does offer RN to BSN program. The annual fee is $44, 563 while $31,100 go in tuition.  

Azusa Pacific University

For California residents, this is the best university to study at.  Accredited with CCNE, the university offers rn to bsn program that will incur $36,089 in annual and $32,256 in tuition fee.

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