Shahid Afridi daughter's death news: Social media lies shamelessly

The fake news about Shahid Afridi’s daughter death has gone viral on social media. There were reports about illness of Asmara Afridi, Shahid Afridi’s youngest daughter, but today the news about her alleged death has caused distress among fans and of course the star cricketer and his family members.

The social media, which has found a solid foothold in Pakistan and has now started to compete the electronic media of the country, has become unrestrained in the sense that there is no check and balance on the authenticity and quality of news.
Shahid Afridi's daughter death news is real or fake?
Smaller new outlets operating online are sometimes seen spreading unauthentic news in an attempt to drive traffic to their websites. It is the responsibility of the media of Pakistan to keep a check on news quality and authenticity. The news outlets involved in spreading such a lie must apologize to Shahid Afridi and his family for causing pain and distress.  
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