How to apply for nursing job in Dubai?

By Rahul Shaker 
I have worked as a nurse in Dubai, Middle East, so I though I would list the documents you will need while applying for a job. Getting a nursing or midwifery job in Dubai is not hard but given tons of irrelevant information that only confuses students and little guidance, most of  job seekers end up wasting their time.
There's plenty of information on nursing jobs on the Internet, but much of it gets buried under irrelevant content. So, I will talk briefly about how to apply for a nursing job in the Middle East, especially Dubai.
How to apply for nursing jobs in Dubai

Step # 1: Gather documents

The documents you need to get ready include:

- Nursing certificate or diploma
- High School certificate or diploma
- Valid Nursing License  
- Nursing Job experience certificate (certified by HR department or Medical Director of that institute)
- Nursing transcript with related nursing experience
- Copy of your passport (back and front)  
- Passport sized photos (with white background) 

Step # 2: Scan the documents 

Step # 3: Sign up with DHA (Dubai government website) by visiting this link:

Step # 4: Follow this Video by clicking this link:
The video, created exclusively for helping students looking for nursing jobs in Dubai, will guide you through all the steps.

Step # 5: Pay
Download the authorization letter you will on the last page of the website (once you have signed up and followed the video guide). Sign the letter and upload it with all the required information. 

* Make sure you pay with a local UAE (United Arab Emirates) bank. You can get help from persons (friends, relatives etc) who have a local bank account card. 
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