Relationship between girlfriend and boyfriend in Islam? This Mufti shocks everyone but himself

More disgusting news coming and we never get tired of sensationalism. A self-proclaimed mufti from Pakistan has made a shocking statement about the relationships between girlfriend and boyfriend in a Muslim society. Mufti Abdul Qawi made a brief video and gave a "fatwa", saying he thinks a boy can establish several Nikah-based relationships with girlfriends in addition to his regular marriage.
One regular marriage that is done publicly and a number of nikahs (on the side) can be possible if "we have to put an end to Zina." I am disgusted by what he has said. Can somebody send him to a mental hospital?
Islam and relationship with girlfriend: A stupid and unislamic fatwa 
What do you guys think of His statement. Let me know. I am going out of my head really.
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