The News Reporter Become News Himself

Talk about stupidity and here it is. The reporter in India wanted catch the close up of the raiding tiger and himself became the victim. What kind of reporting is this that leaves your life at high risk. Some days ago, the unfortunate incident occurred in India when a wild leopard broke into the school and wreaked havoc. These animals have an instinct to attack almost every living being and when sensing trouble, they become even more ferocious and dangerous. This Tv channel reporter should have showed sensibility and kept himself out of the leopard's sight but he did not care. It seems he wanted a scoop and a close-up footage to add to his reporting abilities and credibility.

Luckily, it was Sunday and there were no students and hence remained safe from this unwanted incident. The reported was also lucky that the leopard spared him maybe because he was too distracted by the surroundings and people making hue and cry kept the beast preoccupied with different things. The safest thing would have been for this reporter was to dive into the nearby swimming pool but it seems taking the scoop was on his scoop.

Thankfully, there was no casualty and the reporter also remained safe with some injuries but it could have been the end of his life. This definitely offers a lesson for all the media and TV reporters to take caution while doing their job. It could have been the last day of this reporter's life but on the spur of fame, he took the risk that he should not have taken for sure.

Similar incidents have happened in London and America too but the reporters there show sensibility and do not take such daring steps just to make the headline. I would rate this reporter as the most stupid to have ever graced the profession of journalism. 

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