Dua for debt

I have shared a very powerful dua to free yourself from debt. Money is the biggest fitna of this ummah. It doesn't mean that money is bad. It means that people are exploited by it, they fight for it, and they control or influence others with it just to please themselves. And when it comes to debt, most of the lenders (those who give loans to the needy) become insensitive and they want the money back no matter what the borrower is going through.
You may disagree with me on this, but I know from experience that lenders hardly forgive debt in most cases. So here is the way out: You have to pray hard in order to free yourself from this burden.
Worrying too much about how to arrange money to return won't get you very far and most borrowers tend to get new loan to pay off their old loans. This gets tricky and it traps you in a vicious debt cycle that continues forever.
Dua for debt free and worry

Debt is one of the many problems that keep us in trouble in our social life and most importantly from an Islamic perspective it is seen as a huge burden on the person who gets loan from someone. Paying off debt is not easy for most of the people as their financial condition forces them to rely on others to make ends meet and meet their expenditures.

But if you have been forced to get loan from someone (your relatives or friends for instance) and you are finding it hard to arrange money to return, your best bet is to turn to Allah and seek refuge because believe it or not most of the lenders are not lenient and they usually don't want to lose their money even if they have enough to forgive. They act like greedy money-grubbers (sadly in Muslim societies where charity is a business as usual) and use the debt to gain unfair advantage of the person in trouble. 
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