Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Surah Falaq benefits

Islamic healing: Surah Falaq is one of the most powerful and effective Surahs that can save a person from every harm in the world. That is why we should recite Surah Falaq on a daily basis in order to save ourselves from things that may harm us. Surah Falaq covers all the aspects of harms that may come in the form of different things. For instance, the surah tells us to seek Allah's protection from everything He has created. Every creation means everything in the universe, be it man, djins, black magic, animals or natural catastrophe.
Benefits of Surah Falaq English Urdu
Surah Falaq Urdu

I usually recommend this dua when people ask me how to break a magic spell. One guy asked me about Istikhara whether to consult a raaqi as he was under a magic spell. I told him not to go anywhere and recite Surah Falaq in every prayer. I also told him that he should recite the Surah before going to sleep. Recitation of Quran before sleeping is very powerful as the message goes straight down to your subconscious mind -- something that controls 95 percent of our decisions and behaviour. 

There are a truckload of molvis and self-proclaimed peers who claim to end black magic in a matter of days and they charge heavy fees for their services. You don't need to pay attention anything. No naqsh. No taweez. Just make Surah Falaq and Surah Naas part of your Salah and recite them before going to sleep. 

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