Monday, February 22, 2016

Benefits of reciting Surah Ikhlas

Surah Ikhlas is the most powerful Surah when it comes to defining Allah's oneness and glory. I have shared benefits of reciting this Surah and if you think you have multiple problems in life that you can't seem to deal with, your best bet is to pay attention to it now.

1. Make all your Halaal wishes come true
2. Gain respect among people

These two benefits are important and they cover almost every aspect of life problems we face. We usually worry about money and finance. We spend a lot of time dealing with issues like marriages, social responsibilities and health problems. Surah Ikhlas has an answer to all our problems.
Surah Ikhlas benefits English Urdu

I have seen a number of people break their magic spell by reciting Surah ikhlas on a regular basis. It completely destroys witchcraft, psychic attacks and malicious magic spells. A famous writer Sararaz Shah once wrote that the most effective (I like to call "destructive to magic") Surah to avert a black magic spell is Surah Ikhlas.

Another benefit you can get by making this Surah part of your daily recitation is "marriage." If you are having trouble finding the right partner or someone from your family, you can start reciting this Surah. 

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