Dua for sleeping

Here is the dua for sleeping at night. Whether you are going to bed at night or during the day, it is always advised to recite this masnoon dua as it has many benefits. Being Muslim we have to trust in Allah and all our tasks and day-to-day activities should be according to Sunnat e Nabwi (PBUH) and the teachings of Islam.
Dua for sleeping in Islam: Sonay ki dua in Urdu, English, Arabic
Dua for sleeping with Urdu translation and Arabic

I have seen benefits for masoon duas. These duas are short, yet powerful as it keeps us motivated and we attract blessings of Allah by putting our trust in His glorious name. A friend of mine complained to me a few days ago that he has been having trouble going to sleep at nigh and if I could refer a psychiatrist to him as he really needed to organize his life by going tot bed. I decided to talk him out of it and somehow convinced him not to go to doctors and psychiatrists.

I advised him to start reciting this dua for before going to bed. He had a bit of difficulty memorizing the dua at first but I told him to keep it written at his bedside desk. He followed the advice and his sleeping time started getting better and better. He was surprised at the results and he said that he had restored his faith in Allah once again as he claimed he had never taken duas seriously before and he had been like most of the Muslims who put their trust more in physical things (like medicine, psychiatrists and doctors) than in the name of Allah. I recommend you guys save this beautiful dua and memorize it. Remember me in your prayers.

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