Dua for waking up in the morning

Sabir Ali Shah

Here is an easy-to-learn masnoon dua for waking up in the morning (Subah uthne ki dua) for you people. Learn it by heart as it is with Arabic and Urdu translation, and make it a habit as you start your day with positivity, and positivity without Allah's help and name is nothing. 
There are multiple benefits for reciting this beautiful masnoon dua as I myself have been practising it on a regular basis for the past couple of months and trust me my life has seen a lot of happiness and sense of relief as most of worries used to attack me at the start of the day. Whether you are a student or a worker working a job, reciting it right before starting your daily routine is a must as you will attract blessings of Allah like never before. Always stay positive and believe in miracles.
Dua for waking up in the morning with Arabic and Urdu translation

These days, it is easy to learn Arabic and if you find it hard to understand and pronounce right, your best bet is to turn to Youtube where you can find recitation of almost every dua. It is important to utter the right words as you will be able to memorize duas more easily. "Subah uhne ki dua". Admit it or not, depression is common these days and sometimes we find no solution to our daily-life problems.

Things get even rough if unfortunately we are living life without the guidance of Islam. Islam has taught us duas for almost every problem and occasion. I will share more masnoon duas here on the blog for you guys to make the most of them. Remember me in your prayers and if you have useful informative posts to share, I will share them too. Cheers. 
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