Dua for entering toilet bathroom

Sabir Ali Shah
Assalamoalaikum brothers and sisters. Today I am going to share with you the dua for entering toilet or bathroom. This dua is easy to learn and memorize and I advise you all to save it to your computer or take a picture of it with your cell phone camera so that you can recite it every time before going to toilet.
We know that our Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) has taught us duas for every single problem, be it the dua for sleeping or for wearing a new clothe and it is our responsibility to learn these duas by heart.
Dua for toilet bathroom bait al khala
Dua for entering toilet in Arabic with Urdu translation

Dua for entering toilet or bathroom is one of the duas that we will talk about today. We come know from sahi ahadees that bathrooms and toilets are house to shayateen and djinns and it is precautionary measure to stay alert. The best weapon we have against devils and djinns living inside toilets is this dua. Some scholars say that reciting this dua before going to toilet has become more necessary these days because we now build toilets inside our homes. Not just in homes, we have attached bathrooms these days as modern living requires it.

So, in order to keep the evil effects away from our relatives and homes, we must recite this dua. If you have forgotten to recite the dua before entering toilet, you can just imagine reciting it once you are inside the toilet. 
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