Dua for peace of heart and mind

Assalamoalaikum brothers and sisters ! Today I am going to share with you something that many of us need in difficult times. Peace of heart and mind is important if we have to live a comfortable life and let's admit most of our worldly problems cause distress, discomfort and anxiety. Due to tough economic conditions, competitive mindset that makes us envy and compete others (mostly negatively) and family issues are some of the things that usually get us down. The dua I have shared with you guys is the best solution to maintaining mental peace. Be it a financial issue that has been worrying you or a family issue that you can't seem to handle, staying focused is the key to remain positive.
When it comes to peace of heart and mind, nothing is better than masnoon duas. I have made this dua part of daily routine and whenever I find time I sit in a comfortable position, close my eyes and start reciting this dua until good feeling kicks in. This is important. I mean, with so much noise and information attacking your mind during a typical day, you must block those unnecessary thoughts and useless information that obviously do not deserve your attention.
Dua for peace of heart Arabic and Urdu
Dua for peace of mind and heart with Arabic and Urdu translation 

So, your best bet is to find a comfortable place where there is no noise and you can easily dwell on the wordings of this dua. Then, you should start imagining (it reflects your faith) that Allah has given you your wish, that is, to gain peace of heart and mind as praying with a doubtful and negative mind will not get what you are wanting from Allah.

In addition to helping us get rid of mental worries and our day-to-day problems, this dua is the best remedy to removing black magic spells. Since some of the instances of mental disorder involve black magic attacks in Muslim societies these days, we tend to ignore this factor and keep getting ourselves trapped in depression by relying on doctors and psychologists. I am not suggesting that all the mental health problems stem from black magic, but being Muslims we must believe in what Quran has taught us. Allah has already warned us that negative people are the collaborators of shaitan and human minds can influence each other negatively (Read what Allah says in Surah Falaq and Naas). So stop living under a rock and take a positive approach from today. Stay blessed. 
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