Dua for protection against shaitan waswas

Avoiding shaitan and his waswas is very important as Allah and his Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) have warned us of the dangers of getting trapped by him. I am going to share a very powerful Quranic dua here as we often get stuck during our day to day activities because of so much suggestions (waswas from both shaitan, humans and others things) that keep luring us.
We deviate from the right path mainly because of Shaitan waswas and the best weapon to fight off its impact is to recite this dua.  I have seen this dua work all the time and a scholar has stressed its importance in protection against shaitan by saying that this dua makes sure shaitan will stay away from you, let alone infiltrate in you with his waswas.
Dua for protection against shaitan waswas in Arabic and Urdu
Dua to seek refuge from shaitan with Arabic and Urdu translation
I have personally seen the wonders of reciting this dua as many of my relatives got rid of black magic effects just by making this dua their daily habit. I think you will want to try it now if you have been under a magic spell. One of my relatives came to me a few weeks back, asking how he could save himself from black magic spells that had nearly devastated his once-profitable business. I advised him to consult a religious healer who also happens to be my associate. The healer recommended this dua and told my relative to recite it as often as he could.

To his and my surprise, the effects of black magic spells started to get weaker and weaker and he was like a new man. He told me his mental health got better and better each day and his biggest problem, business issue, was solved. His business grew again. 
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