Dua for depression and anxiety

Assalamoalaikum Brothers and Sisters! Here is the dua for depression and anxiety. In my opinion as I know from experience, this is probably the most powerful dua for depression and its associated problems and diseases such as bipolar disorder. is one of the most common problems these days and despite so much awareness and information available to deal with it people are usually not cured and they continue to suffer from mental discomfort and anxiety.
Being Muslim, it is important for us to take every precautionary measure we can to end our physical and mental problems, but if we are just relying on physical means, then it shows we are not putting enough trust in Allah. Every single problem we face happens due to Allah's will and Allah is the only source that can cure our diseases.
Dua for depression and anxiety in Arabic
Dua to cure depression and mental illness

So why not put our trust in Islamic teachings and cure methods. This dua will surely help you overcome your depression cycle if you are practising it on a regular basis. When I say "on a regular basis" it means you are reciting it as often as you can which can be possible only if you are doing it as daily routine. Make it part of after duas after every salah (namaz).

Remember your duas are answered after they become your habit. Start reciting it habitually and this dua will take your depression away in a matter of weeks. I suggest you practise it at least for forty days straight. Make some notes and write down this dua on paper. Write down why you want to end this depression and what problems it has caused you. Inshaallah your depression cycle will end.

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