Dua for parents

Dua for parents: Asking Allah for parents' life and their health is important as Islam teaches us to return favor to those who do us favours in life. And parents are our biggest benefactor after Allah and returning favour to them in the form of dua and good wishes is the best thing we can do.
There are several duas for this particular subject and I could have share them here, but I wanted to give you a precise and brief dua that you can easily memorize and recite any time you want.

Dua for parents 

Quran with Urdu translation: Dua for parents 
You can recite this dua after every prayer (salah/namaz) and if possible recite it before going to sleep every night. It will be wrong and insensitive not to pray for our parents because they not only need our financial or physical support, but also emotional and spiritual support, and dua is the best solution to this.

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