Dua for pain

Dua for pain: Allah has given us the right solutions to every single problem in life and when it comes to health and physical or mental problems, we have plenty of beautiful duas and remedy at our disposal. I have shared a dua for pain that you will want to recite all the time if you are having any type of pain. This dua covers every pain as the Arabic and Urdu translation will explain it.
Whether you are having a heart pain or kidney pain, reciting this dua after every prayer will give relief InshaAllah. We often get disappointed after we see that our duas are not being answered by Allah. If truth be told, the problem is not with the dua -- the problem lies with our faith and intensity of desire. Any dua that is made with a strong emotion and intensity is usually answered by Allah.
Dua for pain (Urdu and Arabic)

When we make dua with a weak heart and little intensity or little desire, Allah knows that we are not really serious about this dua to be answered, because if we were, we would not make it with little intensity and weak desire. Does this make sense? So we have to let Allah know that we are really serious about our wish.

In order for a dua or wish to be strong enough to attract Allah's mercy and blessing, there should be a lot of frequency and a lot of intensity. Frequency means how often you are making this dua (how many times in day or week for example) while intensity means how much emotion you are putting into that particular dua or wish. 
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