Meet Real Life "Rambo"

ISIS has emerged as one of the most deadliest terrorist outfits in the modern era. From Asia, to America to Middle East, IS has stamped its reputation as the most brutal terror outfit. However, there is massive opposition to the most feared fighters mainly based in Syria and Iraq. This real life Rambo, who goes by the name of Abu Azrael, which means "the angel of death" has alone killed more than thousand ISIS fighters. He takes pride on eliminating the terrorists all by himself.
He represents the Iranian-backed group Imam Ali Brigade fighting IS in Iraq. This real life rambo has quickly established his reputation as somewhat a cult figure among the anti-ISIS groups. He is a revered figure and has also made buzzing headlines and posts on the social media. 

ISIS news in Urdu: A shia militant who has killed the most ISIS fighters 

This video contains his war tactics and antics. This man's mission is to annihilate ISIS even at the expense of his own death. Reportedly, he has involved himself in the battles killing approximately 1500 ISIS fighters. ISIS news Urdu

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