Dua for job protection and security

Dua for job protection and security: Are you worried about your job because your boss is mad at you or maybe there is politics going on at your office which is draining your confidence and energy? If so, you need this powerful dua to make your employer maintain good relationship with you and ensure job security.
Protecting your job or employment is very important as your financial stability and instability covers a lot of aspects of your life. If you are not happy with your job you may attract more trouble. There are times when nothing seems to work and you just feel like calling it quits because you can't seem to cope anything. Trusting in Allah always helps.
Dua for job protection and security 
Dua for job hadiths: Arabic with Urdu translation

The problem with most of us Muslims is that we rarely ask Allah for our worldly needs. All we do is recite some old habitual words with our conscious and that these needs are for our life after death. Praying with a weak mind and ignoring your Dunya (world) is not wise as Allah has taught us to pray for both Akhirah and Dunya. One of the blessings in Dunya is a stable financial life.

Due to bad economy and tough competition, many people lose their jobs and even worse there is no moral and financial support to help the poor. In people belonging to middle class and lower middle class, job security and protection is always a growing concern because these are the people who rely on jobs and employment as they don't usually make ends meet though business and trade. So, my advice is to learn this dua by heart and recite it after every prayer (Salah). You can keep it in your pocket so you can read it now and then.
Good luck with your job. My prayers are with you. Stay blessed and 
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  1. as salam .... pl. myself want to know the name of this verse or ayat and where does it come in quran

    1. These duas are not from Quran -- they are from Hadith

  2. How many days should we recite this