Dua For Tawqa

Taqwa is the cornerstone of our religion Islam and others that preceded. Without taqwa, there is always the danger of good deeds gone wrong. Every monotheistic religion calls for absolute belief and fear of Allah. Taqwa means piety or fear of Allah. As Allah says in Quran, Taqwa is the yardstick for Him to judge the people irrespective of their creed, lineage, color, language. It is the responsibility of every Muslim to strive for strong taqwa so that our all good deeds are accepted before Allah on the day of Judgement. 
Dua For Taqwa/Taqwa barhany ki dua Urdu. Hindi

Hadith Dua For Increase In Taqwa

Taqwa is the pre-requisite for becoming a good Muslim in the eyes of people and Allah (SWT). We must keep in mind that any dua we make is sure to be accepted by Allah if we have firm belief and faith in Allah.

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