Why isn't Law of Attraction working for me?

A friend of mine asked me how I made the Law of Attraction work for me. "I have done everything. Tried everything from affirmations to visualization during idle hours. But nothing seemed to work," he complained. 

He thought just thinking about his desire and "pretending my wish to become rich has come true" would do the trick but every time he did his affirmations his frustration grew bigger and bigger and he was back to where he started.  

Why isn't the Law working for me?

In simple words: You have failed to impress your wish upon your subconscious mind. Your wish is still staying in your conscious -- a sure sign your subconscious mind has not accepted your wish and is still hijacked by multiple thinking patterns (negativity, fear, doubts etc).

Why did I fail to impress my wish upon my subconscious mind?

Reason # 1 Lack of intensity in your wish 

There is no intensity in your wish. If you think something with strong emotion the information start filtering down from conscious to subconscious mind. You clearly haven't put enough intensity (or energy) into your desire/wish. With negativity, fear and doubts ruling your subconscious, will you be able to think something positively and with intensity? 

Reason # 2 Little frequency

You are not practising (affirmation and visualization) as frequently as you should be doing. Just practising your affirmations for five minutes a day won't do. Since your conscious is bombarded with thousands of different thoughts and information on a daily basis, a five-or-ten-minute affirmation session will not be able to hijack your conscious.

What's the permanent fix?

Gratitude. "Practising the Law of Attraction without practising gratitude will be like "shooting in the dark" ...Develop an attitude of gratitude and your mind will automatically switch into a positive mode. Despite your whining about your poverty or lack of resources, there is still so much to be grateful for, isn't there? 

What does Gratitude have to do with the Law of Attraction?

There is an obvious link between gratitude and the law of attraction. In brief words: Gratitude already fills your mind with abundance because you shift your focus from negatives to positives in your life, which means positivity will start ruling your mind in a month or two and the Law of Attraction will be at your beck and call. Trust me affirmations and visualizations will no longer be a nightmare once you develop an attitude of gratitude.

I am not suggesting that your should stop daily affirmations or visualization. But stop here and think for a moment: Wanting more money and happiness isn't bad and you deserve to lead a more comfortable life, but doesn't it make you look like a greedy, selfish soul as you are only dwelling on the things you don't have right now. What about the ones you already have? Start feeling grateful for the blessings you already have. Practice it on a regular basis.

Why not be grateful to God when the only thing you have control over is just your thoughts. The rest is out of your control. The air, the Sun, the right functioning of your body. Be grateful for the good things, blessings and favours that you have no control over.

"You are a tiny object living on planet Earth. Apart from your free will or the ability to think, you have no control over anything. Do you have control over the air you breathe? Were you given a choice whether to come into existence or not? 

How will gratitude make affirmations and visualization an easy task?

Gratitude will draw your attention from negative aspects to positive aspects of your life. You will feel your adrenaline pumping all the time after you have developed an attitude of gratitude. Once positivity hijacks your subconscious (practice it for at a month) Apart from practising your affirmations and visualizations, start practising gratitude as quickly as possible. Time is running out.

What is gratitude and how to practice

I will not discuss it as there is a lot of detailed research on what gratitude is how to practice it.
Here is a very powerful yet straightforward guide on how to practice gratitude: Good luck 

Why isn't Law of Attraction working for me? quick solutions and tips

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