Dua Wazifa For Baby Boy

Is you or your wife is expecting delivery of a child and you want it to be a baby boy. This dua/wazifa will be very effective in fulfilling your wish. First off, please make sure that you are offering five times obligatory prayers on time and staying away from your all major sins such as gambling, adultery, fraudulent activity, and telling lies. With a pure soul and upright character we can get our wishes granted by the Almighty Allah.

Wazifa larkay ki paidaish k liye

You have to read Ism, Allah' name "Ya Khaliq-o" 7000 times after every fajar prayer with an intention that Allah has already bestowed you a baby boy. In case you have missed the fajr namaz, please recite the name of Allah in evening prayer Asr. For Urdu please refer to the image below. 

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