Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How to make quick money just by little charity (Urdu and Hindi)

"How-to-make-money" is probably one of the most frequently asked questions in Pakistan these days as tough economic times have left many people living in poverty. Most of the people trapped by poverty aren't even able to think positively and they feel like a caged soul who can't do anything but imagine negativity.

The negative cycle continues and this keeps people form living a life they desire. Islam is the way of life and it has given us all the tools that enable us to live a prosperous life. Islam doesn't stop us from building wealth and becoming rich can make you a better person than you are right now as money is the medium that can help the poor, the sick and the elderly. It always feels nice to help others financially. Sadqa (charity) is one of the things that can radically change not only your financial life, but it will also help you look at your life more positively.
Since financial independence is crucial and without it you cannot lead a respectable life, I have shared a very good video that will walk you through how to double your income just by getting involved in charity.

You must have given charity (sadqa) in form or another and you also know it doesn't matter how much you pay in the name of Allah as the only thing that matters is that you help others with your money and help them lessen their worries.

I have seen people go from poor to rich just by starting an organized charity. An organized charity doesn't mean that you must have an office to run an NGO or spend a lot of money to set up welfare entity. All you have to do is keep track of your finances (Your monthly/daily salary and the money you withdraw from it every month in the name of Allah -- saqda). The technique is straightforward. You set aside a certain percentage from your daily/weekly/monthly income and give it away in the name of sadqa (in the name of Allah).

Make money fast Urdu and Hindi video: Charity coin box, wazifa and dua

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