Wazifa/Dua For Evil Eye/Nazar-e-Bad Urdu

Are you victim of evil eye? (Nazr-e-bad) is a reality and it hits the person like an arrow. Evil eye comes out of jealousy and envy. That is why Allah has directed us to say MashAllah whenever we see things that we wish. It is always better to do wazaif that are derived from Quran and Hadith. Mujarrab wazaifs are also recommended if they do not include any shirk/association with Allah which is strictly forbidden. If you feel you have been struck with an evil eye, reading the following verses will cure you of all your evil-eye related problems.

Please read the Dua below after every prayer and blow it on water to drink. Huzoor Pak (SAW) used to read this dua on Hazarat Hussain and Hazrat Hasan(RA). Read this dua 41 times after every namaz prayer and you will be cured within 14 days InshAllah.
Wazifa for nazar e bad and evil eye

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