Dua/Wazifa To Solve Every Problem In Life

We all have problems in life and these problems are there to solved not be prolonged. Sometimes problems are there from our own errors and mistakes and other times they are from Allah to test our patience and steadfastness. This is the most powerful Wazifa and I have seen miracles happen in my life after doing this wazifa. I solved the uphill tasks and worries in my life. This will give you mental energy and peace and establish a direct with the Lord of All Worlds: Allah. If you are indebted, your financial worries will come to an end. If you are jobless, you will get the job of your choice. If you are unable conceive, this wazifa will help you give birth to a child. If you are sick and suffer from any disease, Allah will bestow his blessings upon you and you will get back to a healthy life. If you suffer from black magic, this will cure you. Name any problem in the world and this wazifa will ease all your worries.The quality of your life will improve drastically in every manner. This is the Dua/Wazifa of Surah Fatiha. 

Wazifa for solving every problem in life
Surah Fatiha is the opening Surah of Quran and read in commencing every prayer. It is also described as the Mother of Quran (Ummul Quran). 

Method To Do Surah Fatiha Wazifa: To solve any problem of your life, set a time for doing wazifa preferably after Fajr prayer (namaz) or Isha prayer. Read Durood-e-Ibrahimi 11 times and Read Surah Fatiha 313 times. Continue this until your problem goes away. Keep the problem in mind and think of it being solved by mercy of Allah. Inshallah within 7-14 days, you will see the positive results within your life.

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