Sunday, January 10, 2016

Wazifa for Marriage Problems (Shadi mai Rukawat ka Hal)

Are you trying to marry but nothing seems to work for you? You feel there is some blockage that stops you from getting married and despite all the sincere efforts, you are still a bachelor. The marriage problems are growing especially in Muslim countries. People are getting over their young age and finding it hard to get the life partner. I am giving you a very authentic and 100 percent Islamic rohani wazifa that will change your marital status in a matter of months. This will not only bring about your marriage but also blessings in the form of children by the virtue of Allah. Please use the image below for urdu reading:

Please make waddu ( ablution) before doing this wazifa and step up the good deeds such as charity and helping people for Allah's sake. These wazifas for marriage are authentic and should be used with pure and right intention to make them work.

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