Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hadiths about Namaz (prayer, Salah) in Urdu

Namaz (Salah) is one of the pillars of Islam and the importance of prayer is widely mentioned in Quran and Ahadees. It is the responsibility for a Muslim to share a good thing they hear, so what could be better than a hadith? This is not a huge list as it is hard to write and look for particular Hadiths that mention namaz and then put them together in image form, but I have started the work and the list is gradually getting bigger bigger. The best thing is, you can save the images and share on your social media profiles. You can also share them to your Facebook, Twitter account right from here.
Ahadees (Hadiths) about namaz, prayer in Urdu 

Sahi Muslim Hadiths: Difference between Islam and Kufr is Salah, namaz

Hadees e mubaraka on namaz with takbeer e ula

Hadees e Nabwi (PBUH) on importance of namaz

Sahi Bukhari hadees on Namaz (Authentic)

Sahi Muslim: Hadith on namaz in Urdu
The importance of namaz (Salah) is stressed throughout the Holy Quran as it is one of the five pillars. Namaz. Namaz is not just a ritual as it involves a lot of things that make our faith grow richer and richer.
Sahi Muslim: Hadees on Namaz e Fajar

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