Wazifa for going to Hajj or Umrah

Every Muslim has a desire to go to Makkah and perform Hajj. In addition to performing Hajj that is one of the pillars of Islam, Muslims also love to pay visit to Roza e Rasool (PBUH), but due to several hurdles and problems it is not easy for many people to find a chance to perform Hajj.
So with a tens of thousands of people applying for Hajj forms, it is crucial for you to put your trust in Allah and also you passions counts. If you are not passionate and are only consciously hoping get a chance to perform Hajj, you will not be able to go. There are issues like not being able to get nominated by the government as it is important for the State to allow a certain number of people because the Saudi government has set a standard for every country.
Islamic wazaif: Dua and wazifa how to go to hajj

Dua/wazifa for Hajj and Umrah

So, gather your thoughts and convince Allah that you are desperate to go to Hajj. When it comes to focusing your attention on your desire, nothing is better than a Islamic wazaif that are based on Quran. This powerful I have shared with you guys is based on Quranic verses and this is for those wanting to go to Hajj but they having trouble finding a chance.

Insha Allah after practising this wazifa for a few weeks you will be able to put yourself in position that will make it possible for you to perform Hajj. 

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