Surah Mumtahina: Islamic wazifa for marriage proposals

Surah Mumtahina wazifa for marriage: It is a very powerful solution to get marriage proposals, especially for girls and women waiting to be married. It is hard to get marriage proposals for girls in Pakistan, largely because of a certain traditional custom that abhors girl's family going to ask for boy's proposal. So, girls have to wait and see if they are approached by families looking to pick them for their sons.

This is unfortunate as it has very adverse consequences for some girls. They grow older and older but their parents are advised not to go out and find a suitable man for their daughters. Because the society dislikes it.
Marriage proposal for Pakistani Indian girls: Wazifa 

Recite Surah Al-Mumtahina seven times after Ishar prayer till you start getting marriage proposals

Putting your trust in Allah and His verses in hard times is always the best solution and we often ignore the power of Quran prayers mentioned. Allah has not only given us tools to make our akhira better, but he has also provided us with the necessary cure for our woes and worldly problems. 

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