Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Surah Waqiah benefits

Quran has an answer to every problem whether it is related to day-to-day life or it is about your life after death and it is wise for a Muslim to always trust in the remedy based on Quranix verses. People tend to look to assistance that is sometimes against what Quran says and Islamic values. Our best bet is to seek refuge in Allah by reciting Quran.
In addition to surah falaq and naas that were revealed to solve worldly problems like black magic and others, there are several other surahs that help us in similar issues.  Recire Surah Waqiah on a daily basis and get the relief you never had before.
Surah waqiah translation benefits Urdu

I have seen miracles as a result of Surah Waqiah recitation and you could be the one getting benefits from it. If you are looking for more Islamic wazaif, we have compiled a huge list that contain plenty of duas and wazifas. Share this post with your friends. Good luck. 

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