Surah Hashar benefits

There are several benefits of Surah Hashar but I will share my little experience first. I have been reciting Surah Hashar and I have observed some significant increases in my income in the past couple of months.
Reciting this beautiful Surah opens opportunities of wealth and your rizq will increase in a matter of weeks. I recommend you recite the Surah for at least forty days as it will become a habit. If you think someone has cast a magic spell on your business or work life, then I will say your best solution is in the recitation of Surah Hashar.
Surah Hashar benefits and with translation first last ayat Urdu
Read Surah Hashar Urdu translation

Breaking black magic spells becomes an easy task with this Surah as most of the malicious attacks are done on people's financial life. If you have an office, shop or any other workplace, reciting the Surah just before your working hours is better. 

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