Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Surah Muzzammil benefits in Urdu

Surah Muzammil has many benefits, not just for your wordly problems and hajaat, but it is also considered important when it comes to blessings that a Muslim will get in hereafter. If you are reciting Surah Muzammil on a daily basis, you will never find it difficult to make your jaaiz (lawful according to Islam) desires come true.
Surah Muzammil is very effective in curing black magic and jinn attacks. If you are having multiple problems in life and you think there is no way out, start reciting this surah on a daily basis. You will soon find yourself in a position that you truly desire.
Surah Muzzammil benefits and with translation in Urdu

In addition you can find many more Islamic wazaif here. There are several categories that will walk you through how to use wazaif to end your problems. Sadly, we see a lot of unauthentic wazaifs that have nothing to do with Islam but people are forced to practice them as they want to get rid of their worries no matter what.

Wazaif that include shirkya words and other nonsensical terms (like in local languages) should be avoided at all costs as they will produce rather negative results. Praying to entities (humans, messangers, wali, buzurg and or any other living and non-living thing) other than Allah is shirk which will never be forgiven in hereafter.  

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