How to know if someone is under a black magic spell (from Islamic viewpoint)

It is pretty easy to determine whether you are under a black magic spell or your problem is just a natural one due to illness, laziness or other common reasons. Black magic can make you ill. It can stop you from making a progress in your work life or business. Black magic can make you fall in love with a particular person (against your will). In short, the symptoms of black magic are same as the symptoms of problems that we sometimes face as a natural consequence of our mistakes or negligence.

How to know if it is black magic?

Step 1: Recite Sura Fatiha seven times, Ayat al Kursi seven times, Surah Kafirun seven times, Surah Ikhlas seven times, Surah Falaq seven times, Surah Naas seven times

Step 2: Blow on the patient. If the condition gets better all of a sudden then it is a sure sign that the patient is under a black magic spell.
Black magic treatment and ilaaj Urdu

Black magicians work smartly in order to hurt their targets. Black magic spells come in very sneaky ways and this is your responsibility to stay alert all the time. Allah has already warned us that humans attempt to hurt other humans out of jealousy and when the jealous person is bent on seeing others destroyed, ill, or bankrupt, they resort to black magic.

It gets hard to know what is keeping us from doing whatever we are trying to do. If you think someone has cast a magic spell on you or your relatives, it is pretty straightforward to detect with the method mentioned here.

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