Monday, January 18, 2016

Remove black magic, Kala Jadu on business and job (Urdu)

This magic-buster wazifa is very powerful and best of all it is easy to momorize. You don't even have to take Ijazat (something I have never been able to understand why there should be an ijazat when Allah doesn't forbid you to trust in HIS names and cure mentioned in Quran and Ahadees). It is common to see people complaining about their business in trouble. I get a lot of young men asking me how they can end blockages caused by black magic and sihr (Kala Jadu) on their work life, my answer is always to rely on Allah.

This is sad we don't trust in Allah because all we think is how dangerous the black magic is and how it ruin our lives. But we never pay as much attention to the cure mentioned in Quran. If we believed in cure as much as we believe in the impact of magic, we would never have been controlled by these greedy, selfish souls who cast magic spells on people just to please their little ego.
black magic on business and karobar: Wazifa in Urdu
Authentic wazifa to break black magic on business in Urdu

If your business is in trouble and your financial obligations are beyond your control, your life becomes a nightmare. This is unfortunate and even worse this trend is common in our country. 

There are countless wazaif for this particular issue but I suggest to stick to the one that suits you best and is easy for you practice. Sometimes people go for multiple wazaifs and dua for one problem, which is allowed but it shows your double-minded strategy. Just stick to one wazifa that works for you.

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