Second marriage: What do Pakistani men think?

When you hear the word "second marriage", a certain negative feeling creeps in as in Pakistan the second marriage is usually celebrated as an aftermath of someone's wife death, divorce or separation.
Unlike Pakistan and India, it is not unusual for a man living in Arab world to go for a second or even third wife. The question is: Is having more than one wife Un-Islamic (obviously not, as Quran allows four wives at the same time) or it is something to do with our custom and tradition that has seen the culture of one marriage among males for centuries? What was popular among Ashaab RA? Were they too influenced by one-wife mentality or it was normal for them to have more than one wife? What will happen if the number of girls keeps going up like this? Are we ready to face the upcoming dangers that might come in the form of thousands of girls left unmarried just because of single-wife mentality? This article has shed light on a growing problem confronting thousands of woman and young girls.
second marriage: Is it encouraged in Pakistan?
Having more than one wife in Islam Urdu
You might cringe at the word second marriage, but this piece has provided enough evidence for Muslim men (especially those living in the Subcontinent) to think and reconsider their long-held belief only sees second marriage in the negative light (wife's death, divorce or separation).

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