Istakhara for love marriage

Istakhara is usually helpful when you have no idea what to do about your goals and desires. Today I am going to share a very powerful yet easy-to-practice istakhara for a problem that keeps many of us in trouble. Yes, love marriage. There are many people who worry themselves sick for months wondering what they can do about their planned love marriage. They may be influenced by someone warning them not to go for the particular girl or woman. Or they may be having doubts about love marriage as there is a lot of misconception unrealistic myths about it. Being living in a society that embraces a number of customs and traditions that have nothing do with true Islamic values, people are usually stuck in their tracks.
Istakhara for love marriage in Urdu
Dua e istakhara: how to method Urdu

Love marriage is permissible as long as you don't go beyond the boundaries set by Quran, and you should put your trust in Allah and seek help form Qurani verses and hadiths.
I know there are lots of istakhara online and you might have been a bit confused as to which istakhara to choose, just stick to one and pay attention to what's coming in your dreams. Remember, doing it once (or one night) might not give you results and might wonder what to do. Powerful focus on your desire is the key here. When you take the time and sit down to start the istakara, make sure there is no disturbance around and you must sit in a peaceful, calm environment as it is very necessary to maintain your focus on your intention (seeking direction from Allah).

I tried this istakhara and it took me around a week to get my istakhara answered. I recommend you keep a dream journal and note down ever night's dream following the start of your istakhara. Because sometimes a dream will give you yours answer and you may just forget the details as soon as you wake up in the morning. Keeping a dream journal (a piece of paper will do) will make you remember you have to remember the details of your dreams. This is a very powerful practice that helped me during my istakhara. 
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