Islamic wazifa: Pay off debt (Qarz ki dua)

Assalamoalaikum readers,

Today I am going to share yet another powerful wazifa for all of you. Pay off your debts instantly. This wazifa is easy-to-practice۔ It is very hard to meet your financial obligations in such difficult economic times and most of the Muslim families are worried as to how to get rid of this duty. From an Islamic perspective, it is very important for you to pay off your debts and if there is no way to get out of this problem, your best bet is to look towards Allah's help. Seeking help from Allah all the time is what Quran teaches us, but when there seems no way-out, believing in the name of Allah is the only solution.
wazifa for qarz: how to pay debt in Urdu
wazifa Urdu: Qarz se nijat chutkara dua

This brief dua is very easy to learn. You can recite it by looking while practising. If you memorize, it will much better as you can refer it to others as well. Recite and start believing that your wish has been fulfilled by Allah as this is the true spirit with which all of us should pray. Praying with a weak, fearful mind usually leaves us in a tight spot.

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