Qurani Wazifa For Job Problems

Many people have job or business problems and they find it hard to cope with them and look for ways that can solve them. What else could be better than Quran to solve your financial and job related problems. If you are unemployed and do not find a suitable job or your business does not seem to grow then it is high time that you consult Allah and seek His assistance by reciting Quran, Surah Waqiah. Muhammad (SAW) said : "Anyone who recites Surah Al Waqiah at night would never encounter poverty"
(Wazifa for Job/Nokri)
Method To Recite: After Maghrib or Isha prayers, recite Surah Waqiah once (1 times) or thrice (3) and ask Allah to give you the job or growth in your business. Make it a habit in your life and you will never have to worry about the money, job or business problems. I have a very rewarding experience with this Surah. I was unemployed for almost 6 months in 2010 and while looking for ways to find the relief, I read this hadith. I started reciting this Surah and have not had any money related or job issues ever since.

                                                              (Surah Waqiah) 
Urdu Explanation: Ager apko rozgar, nokri ya karobar ka masla hai ye toh Surah Waqiah ko apni zingadi ka mamool banalain. Rat ko Maghrib ya Isha ki namaz k baad. InshAllah, Allah k kalam ki barkat se Apka masla hal hojayga. Isko apni zindagi ki adat banalain. 

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