Wazifa to stop smoking cigarette

Are you struggling to stop smoking but all your attempts have failed miserably? It becomes very hard for an addict to put that damn cigarette aside. You might have tried several products that claim to wean you off this bad habit but I bet none of them worked because you need something more powerful, more effective and much easier.
Prayers have always been the only refuge when things seem beyond our control and if you are a cigarette addict, using this wazifa will do the trick. I don't how long you have been smoking, but I have seen many people get rid of this unhealthy activity in a matter of days. You might call it a magic remedy, but it has its own benefits because if you are desperate enough to stop smoking, you will stop smoking.

Stop smoking cigarette tips in Urdu wazifa 
Wazifa for stop smoking

Faking and acting like you are desperate to smoke when the reality is opposite to what you consciously claim. Practice this wazifa over and over and you will soon develop a sense that will start putting your mind off cigarettes. Keep going and don't let it disappoint you as habits usually take a couple of days to go. I have seen a friend stop smoking within three weeks of practising this wazifa 

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