How law of attraction worked for me? from jobless to owning an online business

Raj Karan (India)

It all started with a joke and the law of attraction worked in the most amazing way for me. 

I used to brag about starting my own business when in reality I was not even working a job. I was jobless and had no interest in work either but I used to jokingly boast about starting an online business some day. "I love freedom and would want to be my own boss some day," I would jokingly tell my friends who were working full-time jobs and earning. 

Though I used to feel a bit insecure for not earning, the "business joke" seemed a nice cover-up and it kind of gave me some mental relief as the social pressure kept annoying me for being a lazy couch potato. "Go get a job you loser," my mother would scream out of frustration.

As I have been a sociable person, I must have told this "business-joke" thousands of times during my conversations with friends, relatives who kept criticizing me for not working and my own family members.  

How the joke was finally embedded in my subconscious?

Completely unaware of the law of attraction and subconscious mind functions, the "joke" became my affirmation without my wanting it and I literally started imagining myself sitting in my office. Then something amazing happened after about three months. A relative of mine offered to start an online clothing shop together. He had money but was not tech savvy and didn;t even know how to run a website. I saw an opportunity and agreed to work on a partnership-basis even though I was clueless how to set up an online business and marketing. It really seemed like a magic.

Things started falling into place and I rapidly started learning about how to run a money-making website, create a payment processing systems for customers to pay and other technical stuff that I never thought I would learn one day. But something magical was happening and my mind was pushing me to move further and further and learn new things every single day. Within a month I was able to launch a website. I quickly learned all the do's and don'ts (mostly technical skills like marketing and search engine optimization for better ranking on Google). I was surprised that our website got its first order from Australia. 

I had started an online business. But it all seemed so miraculous to me. I was surprised. All my friends and relatives were surprised. 

So what was actually happening?

Here's how the Law of Attraction was working for me.

The idea of starting my own business first expressed as a joke gradually started becoming my habitual thinking. Unintentionally, I bombarded my subconscious mind with the images of me running an online business sitting in a luxury office. My subconscious was at work all the time and it was gradually recording my intent. As soon as my business-joke-affirmations were impressed upon my subconscious mind, something miraculous started happening to me and I started seeing myself as a smart and business savvy person. This was where I was forced to get out of my comfort zone.

How the Law of Attraction actually works?

In plain words. Once your conscious desire is impressed upon your subconscious mind, the law of attraction starts working for you. So, stay positive all the time.

Have you ever made the law of attraction for you?  Share your story in the comment box. Thanks 

law of attraction money: How to use subconscious mind for business

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