Islamic/Quranic Wazifa For Success in Everything of Life

Here I am giving you a very powerful wazifa for success in every aspect of your life. You may have been facing money blockages and hindrance to the path of happiness and a successful life. There are a majority of people who fail to achieve their potential just because they are not focused and are not ready to receive the blessings and success from Allah. Everyone needs a happy and fulfilling life. This wazifa will absolutely free your life from worries, money and marriage problems and anything disturbing.  This wazifa is purely quranic and Islamic and will work 100 percent. You just have to have firm belief in the powers of Allah and things will start working for you in a matter of 20-30 days. 

You have to read the following verses of SURAH TAUBA AYAT 128-129. There are no conditions of doing this wazifa. Just try to recite this as many times as possible through the day. Please make sure you avoid major sins like illicit money, adultery, drinking etc to make this wazifa work in your favor.
Success in life wazifa Urdu

Successful life from Quranic verses wazifa

Please make sure that you read these verses with proper punctuation. It is better to listen to these verses first so that you recite it correctly. There are no restrictions of time. You can do this anytime throughout the day. It is better to make waddu (ablution) before doing this. Also please recite Durood Shareef 11 times before starting this wazifa. In a matter of week, you will start seeing changes in your life. Your all problems will start to go away. 

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