Law of attraction Secrets: Easy and quick methods

I read a brief research on the law of attraction written by Aaron Murakami and it completely impressed me. Having read piles of e-books and bought LoA videos online, I still had no idea what made the Law of Attraction work for one person and work against another.
If you have spent enough time learning conscious and subconscious mind functions and you are looking for a detailed study on the law of attraction I will suggest you have a look at the Secrets revealed by Aaron Mukarami.

One of  the law of attraction secrets Aaron has revealed in the book caught my attention because I had been practising the popular techniques but never knew where I was wrong and why the Law was not working for me.

Powerful technique of the Law of Attraction: DeVisE 

                               DeVisE : Desire > Visualize > Emotionalize  

This is a straightforward yet powerful method for getting almost anything you want. I will briefly explain the three steps.

Step # 1: Have an intense desire

If you are not obsessed about the thing you desire, why want that in the first place????? The Universal laws will treat you as the person who takes things for granted. So you must have a strong desire in order for you the universe to manifest. If you are taking it easy and there is no intensity in your desire, you will end up wasting time.

Step # 2: Visualize using meditation (I assume you already know enough about visualization techniques so we will go to the step 3 without explaining it here)

Step # 3: Emotionalize 

Emotionalizing your desire means that you feel grateful for your desire to have come true that you are so excited. You feel the power of gratitude in your heart. Remember, LoA gurus often talk about the importance of gratitude when trying to manifest things. You will already be practising gratitude using the DeVisE method.

For full reading:  Secrets of Law of Attraction

Law of attraction secret. Quick and powerful technique/method

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