Make money using law of attraction: What not to do?

You saw the Secret (movie) and thought all it would take to get rich was think positive about money all the time and magically all your financial woes would end. But when you start practising the law of attraction, things become more and more complex and you feel like giving up because all your attempts at becoming rich are going down the drain and the law of attraction doesn't seem to work at all. Sadly, the law of attraction is still working, but it is working against you.

The biggest reason why you fail: You are not attracting money actually. You are attraction "WAIT" because this is what you have in your subconscious mind.

You consciously want money, but subconsciously, you are waiting for a magic to occur. The Law of attraction is still at work and it is bringing what you have in your subconscious mind. "Wait and wait."

Law of attraction will not work for you until your conscious desire corresponds to your subconscious mind. If your subconscious mind is full of doubts, and you are waiting for manifestation (money), you will keep waiting and waiting because this is what you are attracting i.e. waiting !!!

Stop worrying about the time it takes for the universe to physically manifest your desire. Of course, getting your hands on the money and wealth is the real task and and it obviously takes time for the desire to actually come true (physical manifestation), but when you worry yourself sick wondering how long it will take for your desire to come true, it gets tricky and this is the worst mistake you can possibly make in your law of attraction practice.

Waiting for the manifestation puts you in a "will-be-mindset." But the key to success with the law of attraction is to visualize yourself already having the things you desire.

Unfortunately, the importance of subconscious mind is often disregarded and overlooked in the law-of-attraction techniques discussed online, although many people struggle with manifesting and having fulfilling wealth. There is a lot of advice out there on making money using law of attraction and on subconscious mind reprogramming, but the two subjects are usually discussed separately. Most of the law-of-attraction gurus overlook the link between subconscious mind and law of attraction and this is what stops you from manifesting your desires (money for example). 

Let's recall: Without reprogramming our subconscious mind, we can't make law of attraction work for ourselves.

Drawing from my own experience manifesting my desires, I’d like to share with you a simple yet effective method for best results.

Step 1: Desire

Step 2: Visualize (for a detailed reading:

Step 3: Emotionalize with the feeling of gratitude (at the end of your visualization session you have to feel grateful for what you have just received)

                                                   Desire > Visualize > Emotionalize (with gratitude)

How to make money fast using law of attraction

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